How much do car mechanics make a month?

An auto mechanic is also called an automotive service technician. A person in this position repairs cars and trucks and performs general maintenance tasks on vehicles. Routine maintenance can include oil changes, tire rotation, and vehicle inspection to find potential mechanical problems. A person can enter the guild by performing a specific function, such as fixing brakes, changing the oil or tires. As you gain experience or training, you can make more technical repairs and earn more money.

Average salary

The average salary of an auto technician in 2008 was US $ 2,970 a month according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lower segment of the salary scale earned US $ 9.56 per hour or approximately US $ 1,682 per month. The top segment earned US $ 28.71 per hour or US $ 5,053 per month.


Auto repair has several sectors covering a wide range of wages. For example, many local governments have a mechanic for their vehicle fleets. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 the average salary of a government mechanic was $ 3,532 a month. A mechanic shop paid an average of $ 2,686 per month. Mechanics also work in auto parts stores with an average salary of $ 2,622.

Salary structure

In many auto mechanic jobs, the technician is paid based on the percentage system. Under this system the mechanic receives a part of the amount that is charged to the customer for the work. The client usually has to pay for the work and the pieces. The workshop owner gets a portion of the labor charge and the mechanic receives another part. The exact proportion is negotiated by the employer and the employee.

The amount a mechanic win is based on the amount of work done. For example, if the budgeted labor cost to the customer is $ 100 for a task that is expected to take an hour, the mechanic can earn $ 40 on his or her part. If the task takes two hours, the additional labor charge is not always borne by the customer and the mechanic earns an average of $ 20 per hour.

Additional opportunities for mechanics

Some mechanics specialize in certain sectors. For example, some manufacturers train specialized mechanics in their production. Another example of specialized market is diesel mechanics, although the difference in pay is not much more than that of a general mechanic. The average salary of a diesel mechanic was US $ 3,333 in 2008.