How much a diesel mechanic earns per hour

The mechanical diesel operate exclusively in vehicles whose engines use fuel diesel, such as trains, buses and boats. Whether you are testing the engines or rebuilding them, the toolboxes of diesel mechanics are filled with elements such as wrenches, dynamometers, winches, drills and grinders.

The data

In a 2009 survey of the salaries of a diesel mechanic across the country, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that the average rate for the profession is $ 20 per hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also identified several industries that pay their diesel mechanics significantly higher rates. Leading the list was the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, with hourly rates of $ 28.96, followed by the motor vehicle manufacturing industry in parts paying $ 27.66 per hour.


Diesel mechanics in the West earned higher wages overall than their Eastern counterparts. Topped the BLS list as the highest paying state for a diesel mechanic at $ 27.10 per hour. Nevada is in second place with $ 24.37 per hour, followed by Hawaii with $ 23.42. Wyoming is tied with the only east coast stronghold, the District of Columbia, with an average salary of $ 23.22 per hour.


Being helpful in the garage is a great help in earning a salary as a diesel mechanic, but the key to getting a job in the profession is usually to complete a training program. Community colleges, technical schools, and commercial organizations offer short-term certification programs through two-year associate degrees with the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation offering training certificates nationwide. Diesel mechanics also learn on the job, usually from experienced mechanics and supervisors.


Although the BLS only projects a 6 percent growth in the use of diesel mechanics and 14,900 jobs created throughout the country, a higher demand for diesel mechanics services is anticipated due to the higher placement of diesel engines in small vehicles, trucks and buses. The BLS suggests that diesel mechanics with formal educational training will have the best opportunities to secure higher wages.