Description of the functions of a plant mechanic

A plant mechanic repairs and installs the machinery and industrial equipment a company uses in its operational activities or manufacturing processes. It also records the repair and maintenance data of that machinery for the company.

Job Characteristics

A plant mechanic makes mechanical repairs and inspects the company’s manufacturing equipment according to management specifications. It also supervises, regulates and controls all phases of plant operation.

Tools and technologies

A mechanic often uses hoists, winches and electric grinders when performing tasks. You could also use welders.

Work activities

The mechanic repairs and maintains mechanical equipment and inspects structures or materials. He also performs general physical activities.

Academic Requirements

To fill the vacancies of plant mechanics, companies prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering or related fields.


To perform his tasks competently, a plant mechanic must possess manual dexterity and arm-hand firmness. You should also have visual aptitude and precision control.