Changing the air conditioning clutch

The life cycle and general maintenance of the air conditioning clutch can have much impact on the life and efficiency of the system for automotive air conditioning. It is important to understand how to inspect and change the clutch air conditioning.


  1. Let the engine cool completely before working under the hood. Disconnect the battery terminal, starting with the negative charge. You must get to the compressor. The electric clutch is located inside of the latter. The whole area will be replaced.
  2. Uses a machine to recover refrigerant for recovering the R134-A, similar to Freon chemical, the system of air conditioning. If you have, or you cannot get these machine, carrying the vehicle to a mechanical air conditioning to recover the chemical. This must be done before disconnecting hoses. If it is dangerous to breathe.
  3. Disconnect hoses of system of air conditioning and heating. Disconnect the electrical cable leading to the compressor clutch. Disconnect any other object to keep the compressor in the car. Remove it and inspect it for excessive corrosion or other damage. Place the new compressor in the same place where the old left.
  4. Pay attention to the rear space to re-install the clutch. This area is extremely important to maintain, as they take up little space can cause the compressor to run consistently and clutch burning. Reconnect all cables and hoses to the new compressor. Reconnect the battery terminal and start the car to test the new compressor. Electric clutch to work properly, the AC is on, and blowing, and the inner hub of the pulley should spin.